The iPhone 12 mini, which Apple released to check the heart rate, could not meet the expectations. The sales figures of the iPhone 12 mini series, which remained very low, also caused the numbers to decrease.

iPhone 12 mini got cut

iPhone 12 mini The biggest disadvantage of the model iPhone 12 and offered almost the same features except the screen. On the other hand iPhone SE 2020 When the model became a good alternative in the same dimensions, it could not find its counterpart on the consumer front.

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iPhone 12 mini sales are not as expected

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Although there was a record iPhone sales in the last quarter, the iPhone 12 mini broke the momentum a little. In the first half of the year, Apple expects a total of 75 million iPhone sales, but will be 20 percent lower than the previous half. The reason for this is the iPhone 12 mini.

Movement was expected to decrease production for the iPhone 12 mini. According to the information received, the production of iPhone 12 mini was significantly reduced for the first half of the year. It is stated that the orders of some components have been completely canceled.

The production of the iPhone 12 mini is made at Pegatron facilities, and Apple has considerably reduced its orders here. Foxconn, which produces the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, has increased its orders significantly.

Due to production difficulties at the end of last year, Apple had placed large orders for semiconductors, circuit boards and displays. Presumably Apple plans to wait until stocks run out. It looks like a new decision will be made afterwards.

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