New moves are counting days after Apple officially launched the transition in the desktop segment with its ARM-based M1 processor. While talking about the possibilities of naming the Apple M1X and M1Z as Apple M2 and M3, new Mac models have also started to come to the fore.

The number will increase in a short time

Apple’s M1 The processor is known to have a 4 + 4 customized core array. Previously raised Apple  M1X The chip will have a 4 + 8 core array. This chip will be released in the second half of the year. MacBook Pro models are expected to take place.

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Apart from that, another version is expected in the 8 + 8 core lineup, and this will probably take its place in the iMac series. The real bomb will explode in the Mac Pro product because we will be able to see ARM processors at the workstation level.

Apple is claimed to have designed a special group for the iMac Pro, which is expected to be released next year. This group will include options with 32, 48 and 64 cores. According to the configuration, the consumer will be able to choose.

The first configuration includes 8 + 24 core arrays and 32 graphic sets. It will start at $ 5499, along with 64GB of RAM. It has 64 graphics clusters in the 12 + 36 core lineup and has a starting price of $ 11999 with 256GB of RAM. The final configuration is 16 + 48 cores and 128 graphic clusters. It starts at $ 18999 with 512GB of RAM. In these configurations, there are storage options between 512GB-8TB.

Apple’s many years of experience will also show itself in ARM-based chips. Although we have seen the first example yet, it will emerge in the coming years that Intel and AMD will go on par with their competitors.

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