OnePlus brand new on March 23 OnePlus 9 will introduce the series. Chinese company Swedish on new smartphones Hasselblad He announced that he would include the camera system he developed with him. As such expectations also increased.

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OnePlus CEO’s Pete LauHere are a few that reveal the camera capabilities of the OnePlus 9. photo published. 50 megapixels in at least one model to be released as part of the series Sony IMX766 with image sensor ultra wide angle will include a camera.

Minimum distortion at the edges

The shared photos are to shooting success focusing. The main problem with ultra-wide sensors is that the image is pointing towards the edges. breakdown. But in the photo taken with the OnePlus 9 (below) minimum distortion seems to be.

Chinese company, according to the latest information 23 Martwill introduce three new smartphones at the event that it will organize in. These models are expected to be OnePlus 9, Pro and 9E. A little more so that we can learn all the details about the OnePlus 9 series. our patience will be required.

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