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Recently, Google’s developers, Chrome for browser updates have officially announced that they plan to release much more frequently and now, for the mobile version of the browser Android they brought a new function to his side.

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In are Users with the app update can now view the content before opening the site. they can preview. This can be a very viable solution in many scenarios. For example, the user the site he wants It will be much easier and faster to find. Because instead of opening the site you want to browse in full screen, you can look at its preview and have an idea it is now possible.

It will make it easier to find the wanted content

Website preview for the user to long click on the link to open the context menu and then “Page PreviewHe needs to select “. Then the user will small screen It will see the preview format. You can also view the site in user preview mode. down while you can slide with items of be able to interact.

preview site icon, page name and domain In addition to your address, an additional open button is also included. If the content is suitable for the user, you will be able to open the site by clicking this button or unnecessary if appears, use the cross icon to preview it. turn off will be able to browse other sites.

Google Chrome: Fast and Secure
Google Chrome: Fast and Secure
Google Chrome: Fast and Secure

Google Chrome: Fast and Secure

Google LLC

Varies with device

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