As Apple’s fledgling M1 chip began to meet with the user in the first products, a significant security threat emerged. Browser-based open desktop and ARM, including Apple; affects all processors.

It can start a new era

Of a team of security researchers JavaScript Interesting results were obtained in a study on how disabling or disabling the engine can be effective in cyberattacks.

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HTML ve CSS based attack method JavaScript motoru Even if it is completely disabled, it can follow the web activities of the user. Even VPN and TOR It has been observed that networks such as can not prevent this.

It is stated that the method, which is stated to be the first cyber attack carried out in this style, can open the door to micro-architecture-based site tracking attacks. The method works for desktop processors such as Intel and AMD, as well as ARM-based processors such as Samsung and Apple M1. It is even stated that ARM-based processors are more vulnerable to attacks.

The method of preventing this vulnerability is to make segmentation in domain name protection technologies. It is stated that the developers can partition hardware or software. For now, there is no data that the vulnerability is used in the Apple M1 processor. Apple is very interested in the subject.

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