Samsung has a clear lead in the general television market, and currently the Tizen operating system is the most used television platform. However, the color of the work changes when the set-top box and HDMI sticks come into play.

Leader in Amazon-connected television devices

Strategy Analytics The research of smart television, set-top TV box, HDMI TV sticks and consoles, in short, devices that display external screens, yields remarkable results.

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Amazon sold a total of 13.2 million connected TV devices compared to the last quarter of the year and took the lead. Samsung came in second with sales of 11.9 million units. With the impact of the PS5 console, Sony has sold about 9 million devices. Particularly with the effect of the pandemic, people’s interest in such devices increased the sales across the market to 109 million. There are many companies that grow around 50 percent.

In 2020, 305 million connected television devices were sold. Of these, 186 million are televisions, while 81 million are HDMI adapters. While Samsung was the top television selling brand of the year, the top selling HDMI device was Amazon. Amazon and ROKU share 60 percent market share in this class.

The year 2021 also started with the heavy pressure of the pandemic. In addition, many tournaments such as the European Football Championship and the Olympic games were postponed to this year. In this respect, we can see significant increases.

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