Apple to head-mounted mixed reality devices stereoskopik It is working on a display technology that will provide a viewing experience. New to shed light on the company’s plans in this direction patent applications appeared.

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Apple’s an iPhone that can be connected Apple AR aiming to provide a helmet and virtual reality experience shield It is said to work on at least two head-mounted devices, including one.

Three patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s with lenticular lenses How stereoscopic or three dimensional It shows the way you can provide content.

Lenticular lens technology in focus

Although all of the patent applications focus on lenticular lens technology, each of them different claims there is. One of the patents is that the device in question is CPU ve GPU draws attention to the fact that it can provide both two-dimensional and three-dimensional content thanks to its unit.

In the second patent, certain areas opacity A panel that can be changed was mentioned. The third patent clarifies how pixels are positioned on the screen. stereoscopic effect It focuses on issues related to its creation.

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