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With two different patent applications, Apple aims to enable users to record, edit and view their augmented reality experiences with automatically generated extras.

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Patent applications related to the registration of augmented reality

Apple’s application Computer-Created Reality Recorder In the description of the patent entitled: “The technology in question defines an object of interest or an object of interest in the recording of content, at least in part based on a user preference or a detected event. produces a modified version of the register. ” statements are included.

Mainly patent is about successfully mixing virtual objects or information with reality and saving for later playback. When the examples given are examined, current technology emerges when the user wants to follow a player in a sports match. Whatever other players may do, the system will be able to capture what the selected player is doing and explain the actions he or she has taken. header will form.

The second patent application that has just emerged on augmented reality recording is about analyzing a content recording in the field of view of a device. An object selected by the user within the field of view, may blur or can be removed from view. The device will be able to record both original images in which the object has been removed or blurred.

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