Apple, which appears from time to time in its smartphones battery swelling trying to find a solution to his problem. The company from Cupertino is involved in battery technology for both iPhones. thinner battery swelling. at an early stage He applied for two patents that could detect.

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These two technologies, which Apple is worrying about, are also safely It will enable the creation of smaller devices that can be used. The company conducts various researches to achieve its goal without compromising security. Because in order to reduce the size of the battery housing battery swelling should also be taken into account.

Internal components will be close to the battery

Apple, surrounding the battery positioning components working on it. The new system designed will allow the use of larger batteries without damaging other parts. At this time, the internal components are physically removed from the battery. stand apart is required. This means wasted space and smaller battery.

The patent in question will be placed around the battery metal case It also talks about its use. This metal part is closer it will ensure that it is positioned in some way. Thus, even if the battery is swollen, the internal parts being damaged the likelihood will be reduced.

Second patent battery swelling to be determined and it’s about alleviating. According to the description, a battery processor can be used. When swelling is detected, the processor attached to the sensor will show how to slow the expansion or would prevent will determine. In addition, the user will be informed that the battery swelling has started. These technologies of the company when It is not clear that it will apply to iPhones.

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