Popular and beloved film debut released in 2015 Creed series third film The vision date has been announced. The director of the movie is also officially approved.

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Directed by the third film in the Creed series, which can be considered a sequel to the popular fighting movie series Rocky, Michael B. Jordan, who also starred in the movie will undertake. He will also be in the movie as the lead role. The other two actors of the movie are currently official Tessa Thompson ve Phylicia Rashad.

The release date of the movie was also announced in the previous hours. Creed III, On November 24, 2022 will be released. Unfortunately, no other details of the movie are currently known. But Michael B. directing debut It must be said that it was extremely curious because it would happen.

Of the third film script Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin will take over. We hope that at least like a first movie it becomes a movie.


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