News by Xbox has increased significantly in recent days. Latest news is Xbox’s first party game studio The Initiative about.

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The studio that developed God of War is working on an unannounced game

Published in 2018 and both PlayStation has become one of the most popular productions of the brand and the game world. God of War’un from the producers Rhonda Cox, He announced that he has joined the first party game studio of Xbox, The Initiative. Itself Perfect Dark on the new game named Senior Producer will have the title.

Rhonda Cox earlier Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and World of Warcraft He also worked on such games. This news of course Santa Monica Studio or for the game of God of War’s new game bad news does not mean, but names that still work on successful games in other studios pleasing to see.

The game named Perfect Dark was also announced in December last year. Net release date unknown but the day it came out Xbox Game Pass to be added to the system.

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