2020 for the hardware world, as the year is a year in which new hardware is announced that attracts players with a high performance increase. one of the most beautiful years The table we were in when it should have been Video card shortage.

If this situation, which upset the players, further reinforces the forgetting his real audience that he will return one day turning towards buyers who bring them more income.

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Miners rush to gamer laptops this time too

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In the past weeks Zotac with gaming graphics cards these days environmental damage also discussed encouraging you to dig cryptocurrency Tweet and put on it tagging players MSI then joined the caravan.

In the latest blog post published by the company, the limited number of RTX 3080 Max-Pli from gaming laptops GE76 Raider It was briefly mentioned how much it would bring to dig crypto money.

See Also. “RTX 3090 Hall of Fame power limit increased to 1000 watts: Performance increased by 3%”

In the first article shared on a one-month trial DaggerHshimoto avia NicaHash written with the lgorithm 52.8 MH / s mobile seen digging RTX 3080 As such, the desktop is at the RTX 3070 level.


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