Recently, while the retroactive taxation applied to those who earn income on YouTube in our country continues, a new tax step has come from the USA. Google will tax up to 30 percent.

Getting tax information

In the notification made to users via Adsense, it is stated that a new tax bracket will come into effect as of June. The new conditions set by the US government are of direct concern to us.

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According to the new rules, if channel videos also receive traffic from within the United States and there is an income for this traffic, there is a withholding tax of up to 30 percent. In addition, paid subscriptions and content will be deducted.

For this reason, Google Adsense users are asked to fill out a special tax form. While this form includes personal and address information, there are also options for exemption. It is useful for those who want to be included in the tax exemption to research bilateral agreements with experts.

Those who do not fill out the form until May 31 are subject to 24 percent withholding tax worldwide. So the US is a tax that you provide in Turkey will be next to the tax in question.

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