One of the most popular TV series of recent times The Boysto tell the side story of a new series was announced last year. Unfortunately, not many details have been released since its announcement. In the past hours first players announced.

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Again Amazon Prime Video Unfortunately, the name of the directory to be broadcast on is unknown at the moment. The players who participated in the series in the past hours Lizze Broadway and Jaz Sinclair. Unfortunately, both names do not have well-known productions. Again, both names are in the series super strength will play young people.

Again +18 age limit directory will have X-Men It is thought that it will be a production with which he will make fun of. TV series, America’s Vought International studying at the only superhero university run by, get the best contracts and competing to work in the best cities young superheroes will be the subject.

Unfortunately for the time being a release date Unknown. Currently The Boys third season The filming continues and is expected to be published by the end of this year.

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