One of the biggest names in the game world Xbox, He organized last night Xbox-Bethesda He gave many important news at the event and that more news will be given. approved the activity as well.

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As you know, Microsoft recently launched Zenimax Media, which Bethesda is affiliated with. he bought and incorporated it. As a result of this purchase 13 different Bethesda games has been included in the Xbox Game Pass system and in total 20 different Bethesda games It is in the Game Pass library.

The biggest curiosity in this purchase is undoubtedly the Bethesda games. It was whether it would be exclusive to Xbox. Not every Bethesda game released will be exclusive to Xbox, but according to the statement. Bethesda’s primary goal to give players a nice experience on Xbox. But Bethesda is also for Xbox specially developed will also sign the games. So we can say that Xbox owners can expect exclusive games from Bethesda.

See more of the Xbox-Bethesda partnership. we will see this summer. Xbox marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg, He said they will be holding a public Xbox event this summer with Bethesda news at the forefront. He added that this event will be similar to the presentations they made at E3. Unfortunately for now a clear date not given.

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