Australia, which in recent weeks required Facebook and Google to pay local publishers based on traffic in search results, is not going to be content with this. Authorities now have their eyes on the giants who rule over web browsers.

Australia doesn’t want monopolization

As known Google ve Applehas strict monopoly rules in its own ecosystems. While the Chrome browser comes pre-installed on Android devices iOS Safari browser is also available on their devices.

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Among mobile browsers in Australia, Safari leads with 51 percent. Chrome is second with 39 percent. Competitors such as Samsung and Mozilla share a very small slice. On the desktop, Chrome is the leader with 62 percent and the difference between the others is huge.

On the other hand, the default search engine in Safari browser is Google. It is estimated that nearly $ 15 billion was paid for this. Google becomes the default search engine by paying for different browsers.

Authorities believe the default options put pressure on the user and keep competitors in the background. It will be investigated how effective it is for Google and Apple to offer browser selection screens to users in Europe, and opinions for free selection will be presented.

In addition, browsers’ home screen widgets, search bars, user interface components and search engine switching screens will also be subject to examination. The reviews are expected to be completed in September.

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