In Turkey It has been 1 year since the first Covid-19 case was seen. This time Turkey was criticized in a year when the Covidien-19 measures, if he saw from time to time. Presidential Communication Presidency of Turkey His fight against Covid-19 opened a website that explains. website created for foreigners. Currently, it only serves in Turkish and English. Even if you connect from Turkey it opens in English by default. In addition, “Turkey Stops Covidien” name using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts were opened. These accounts will also be shared frequently.

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Ministry of Commerce announced the effects of coronavirus on e-commerce

At health In addition to the work on education, economy, agriculture, sports, solidarity and life for studies are also featured. The positive effect of the Hayat Eve Sığar application, the domestic breathing apparatus and the filming team on the fight against Covid-19 is mentioned. The positive effect of EBA on education was also mentioned.

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countries that are shared with the help of Turkey into the table. Turkey To 170 countries and helped 9 international organizations. It says how much equipment is sent to the countries where aid is provided. a total of 581 respirator Turkey, about 500 thousand, and 11 million test kits have been donated masks.

Sites are featured on the positive work of the Presidential Communication Presidency and the decision on Turkey is prepared by. Resolving decisions and developments such as case and patient discrimination are not included.

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