Apple’s HomePod smart speaker that it stopped production announced. The company has drawn a much more successful chart HomePod mini will continue to produce the model.

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Apple starts selling Vietnam-made AirPods Pro

All HomePod in stores out of stock you will be able to buy as many devices. However, the rest will not come. Smart speaker software updates and will continue to receive.

The focus will be on HomePod mini

Apple announced the HomePod mini, which was released last fall. great interest he says he saw. The Cupertino giant used the following statements in his statement on the subject:

“For HomePod mini customers only $ 99 incredible sound in return, smart assistant and offers smart home control. Our efforts to HomePod mini we focused.”

Apple, HomePod’u 2018’de $ 349 had put it on sale with a price tag. However, the determined price exceeded. The company later lowered the price of the smart speaker to $ 299, but this move did not increase sales. not enough.

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