Publishing and developing Turkish game studio Turquoise Revival Games Trial version of the simulation game Toy Tinker Simulator Toy Tinker Simulator: Prologue published.

See Also. “Native production VR game Naau: The Lost Eye, released on Steam”

You can find it for free on Steam right now in trial version You can fix three toys. Of course there will be more toys in the full version. From here to the Steam page with the trial version of the game, from here You can also access the page of the full version of the game.

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Turkish-made VR game Naau: The Lost Eye’s release date has been announced

Of the game full version Unfortunately, there is no explanation about it. However, the trial version’s review scores on Steam “Very Positive” continues as. You can find the introduction article and gameplay trailer of the game below.

Introductory Letter

Repair Toys

  • Disassemble / assemble and repair toy parts: washing, painting, sandblasting, coating, sanding, sewing, stuffing, etc.
  • Repair as many toys as possible to earn more money and experience
  • Take before / after photos to see progress

Design Your Office and Workshop

  • Furniture, carpet, painting, plant, flower, etc. buy it and redesign your office
  • Buy new tools and equipment to expand your portfolio

Open Your Own Toy Museums

  • Buy and repair museum toys
  • Buy new buildings and start designing toy museums

Play With Toys

  • Skip levels and become a master
  • Play with your crafting toys after successful deliveries

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