As you know GeForce Now, In cooperation with Turkcell Game+ Turkey was opened under the name of the server and localize the GeForce Now the system. Described before price players were upset because of the Global Founders The decision taken for the members angered the players.

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GeForce Now Global Founders membership can not be used in Turkey!

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Recently GeForce Now, Members who are members of Global Founders, that is, members who use servers abroad without asking all members To Game + on May 3 announced that he will carry. Then, naturally, this event was a big It sparked a reaction. According to the statement made in the past hours GeForce Now has taken a step back.

Those who are already members of Global Founders according to the mails sent if he doesn’t want Switching to Game + does not have to. They can continue to use Global Founders. If Global Founders members want to switch to Game + for the first year to 49.90 TL per month Turkey can use the paying servers.

The price of 49.90 TL, Founders membership only For those who want to switch to Game +. For first-time subscribers, the price is still 75 TL.

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