Nokia holds a new copyright with Samsung patent license agreement signed. Announcing the deal, Nokia video standards explained that its patents are related to its use. In exchange for using these patents, Samsung royalty payment will make.

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Patent license agreement from Samsung and Nokia

According to the statement made by Nokia, the terms of the agreement, including the royalties that Samsung will have to pay to Nokia, are between the two parties. will remain secret.

Nokia Technologies President Jenni Lukander: “Samsung and Nokia have made decades of investment in R&D and multimedia and video technology “We are delighted to have reached an agreement that further confirms its contribution to the standards.”

Nokia has patented a number of technologies in the field of multimedia and video research over the past 30 years and has also contributed to the development of multiple industry standards. The company has invested over € 129 billion in R&D over the past two decades, and more than 3,500 5G to be about More than 20,000 owns the patent family.


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