The highly anticipated new flagship of the OnePlus brand, which will be introduced next week, seems to usher in a new era in photography. We are facing the best camera technology of the last period with the contribution of Hasselblad.

What will the OnePlus 9 Pro camera offer?

OnePlus 9 Pro It was suggested that there will be two 50MP resolution sensors in the phone model. Company boss Pete Lau shared official information about the sensor models of these two cameras on his social media account.

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The phone’s main camera is a customized Sony IMX789 sensor. The sensor has details such as dual native ISO, full-pixel multi-directional autofocus, 4K 120fps video recording, real-time HDR video processing, 12-bit RAW support, capturing the most realistic colors.

If the wide angle camera Sony IMX766 has the sensor. Two sensors are placed longitudinally and in between there are two prisms that refract the light 90 degrees. The image processor can instantly combine the pictures from two sensors to obtain a 140 degree angle.

In addition to much wider angles, this system can pull distortions from typical levels of 10-20 percent to 1 percent. The Digital Overlap HDR (DOL-HDR) technique captures multiple exposures simultaneously and removes blurring in moving objects.

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