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For computers Google Chromeis about to receive a major update that will significantly improve the quality of video calls on the slow Internet. Chrome 90In the latest beta version, developers used to stream audio and video in the browser. WebRTC for standard AV1 codec Added support for the component. This component is only improved video quality it will not only enable screen sharing in video conferencing applications, but also significantly will develop.

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AV1, used by most video streaming services H.264 / AVCIt is a free and open source video codec that replaces. H.264 and H.265Besides, it offers a better quality-compression ratio than the VP9. AV1-encoded content is usually more with small file size maintains higher quality. WebRTC between browsers real time provides communication. This standard Google Meet, Facebook Messenger, Discord etc. by many video conferencing platforms, including in use.

Video calls can be made even at speeds up to 30 Kbps.

AV1 support to Chrome Two years ago already added, therefore Google Meet and Google Duo users can now take advantage of it. Thanks to the use of this decoder, Google Up to 30 Kbps He states that he can make video calls even at internet speeds.

For WebRTC AV1 decoder support is rolling out in the beta version of Chrome 90, and the stable version of the browser is expected to be added in the next update. On the other hand, Google in the Google Duo Android app AV1 support has already implemented it and is planning to add it to some of its other products.

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