science fiction It is really hard to find the quality of his movies, but finding his series is even harder. Having a particularly beautiful universe, character and universe developments is located, good story and purpose It is quite difficult to find a production. The series we will propose this week is actually a series that I personally liked very much and that most people do not know due to unfortunate events. science fiction series. I would like to share one more small detail. Normally, I was posting the movie proposal first in the weekly suggestions, but this week I made a change and brought it forward to the show. The reason Finding a movie that tells the continuation and the finale of the series that I will recommend today

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The series we will recommend to you this week is Firefly. In the lead roles of the series Nathan Fillion, There are names like Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin, Jewel Staite, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Summer Glau, and Ron Glass. The creativity of the series is the first Avengers we know from the movie Joss Whedon doing.

Approximately from today 5000 years later last Firefly on a ship named Serenity carrying illegal goods It’s about a delivery team. Sometimes they can carry people according to the wages they receive. On one of the planets they go to, they take a father and a man with another cargo to their ship. When the authorized persons stormed the ship after a while, both the father and the other man and his cargo some secrets are revealed. They are trying to survive, both by fleeing from the authorities and by trying to continue their already illegal business. Also in the series Looters and it definitely adds an extra flair to the show. It’s better for you to explore the show entirely, so I won’t go into further detail.

Although the series takes place in the future Wild West The events do not feel very utopian since they have a similarity with the theme. Also, I think that it can appeal to more people as daily events are linked to bigger events. The guys are at an adequate level, as is CGI. Considering the era of the series, we can even say that CGI is good in places, especially for a series.

As a result this series I recommend it to anyone who loves science fiction. The series is unfortunately halfway it is like That’s why Joss Whedon is making a movie of the series years later. HE I will propose the movie tomorrow night at 21.30.

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