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As you may recall, the Trump administration, days before he handed over the mandate, nine more Chinese companies. blacklisted had added. One of these companies Xiaomitook a counter attack and sued the US Department of Defense and the US Treasury.

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Xiaomi sues the US government for blacklisting

American investors, Chinese army or those nine companies suspected of having links with the government investment is prohibited from doing so, and its assets in blacklisted companies until 11 November 2021. disposal had been asked.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the federal court in which the case was heard, the US imposed an investment ban on Xiaomi. prevented. The Chinese technology giant’s decision to be blacklisted “deeply flaweddescribed as “.

No convincing evidence

US sanction decision only for a while suspended. The Pentagon had requested that Xiaomi, suspected of ties to the Chinese military, be added to the black list. The Court noted that the United States of America held that such a link existed. convincing evidence says it does not offer.

Hakim, Xiaomi’nin civil use manufactures commercial products and is controlled by an independent board of directors and shareholders. public stated that it is a company. The company’s People’s Republic of China authorities and the country’s security not linked specified. Xiaomi now handles US sanctions completely aims to be eliminated.

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