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US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention so CDC institution according to its new report In the United States due to coronavirus all hospitalized 3 out of 4 people are overweight or obese is stated to be. Because of this situation, it is thought that the severity of the disease is related to the body mass index.

Although many studies have found a relationship between the prognosis (disease course) of the coronavirus and various conditions, 148.494 the patient was examined.


December 2020 ila Mart 2021 of the patients followed up between 79.1% are overweight or obese body mass index, although specified 23 ila 25 patients who are between in terms of hospitalization and death more is at little risk; surprisingly body mass index Around 15, that is, the weak ones are at a 20% higher risk for hospitalization. detected.

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Also, according to the report, in societies where more than half of the population is obese mortality (death) rates It is worth noting that it is 10 times more.

Researchers suggest that there is a strong relationship between obesity and disease severity because 29 different states in the United States have recognized obesity as a risk factor prior to vaccination. In the mentioned states body mass index is below 30 over individuals to vaccine priority Let’s say you have.

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Finally, let’s add that research is at an early stage and that the area in question will become clearer with the increase in data.

New research CDC published by. You can access the related pdfs from the source link.


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