While graphics card stock shortage continues Of nvidia The joy of the news of the restriction on mining cryptocurrency cards was short-lived with the news that Chinese miners had exceeded the limit.

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AMD’s new mid-segment card may not be the ideal solution for those who want to mine cryptocurrencies. According to an article posted on a blog about cryptocurrency mining RX 6700 XT 43 MH/s can dig. This is approximately from 54.3 MH / s of the RX 5700 XT. 25% lower staying. According to predictions, when the card is optimized, it can see 48 MH / s.

On the other hand, TweakTown was also a few days ago RX 6700 XT for 40 MH / s He shared that he was digging. On the Nvidia side, the RTX 3060 Ti with its performance of 50 MH / s stands assertive against the 60 MH / s value of AMD’s RX 6800/6900 options.

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On the other hand, solutions with RDNA2 architecture miners Although they are not ideal models for the market, it is still difficult to catch a price close to MSRP in stocks. We hope that AMD will come up with sufficient stock on the mid-segment card.


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