Unmanned aerial vehicle developed by Baykar Raider It successfully completed another test. Akıncı’s second prototype, Akıncı PT-2, started on 13 March. advanced system identification test passed.

Akinci made a flight after the PT-2’s additions to the system. No problem was encountered. You can watch the test flight footage from the Twitter post below.

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Raider UAV features

Raider UAV, according to Bayraktar TB2 longer and wider have structure. With the advantage of its large size, it carries more ammunition and can fly at higher altitudes. The duration of stay in the air is 3 hours shorter than Bayraktar TB2. All of the software features of Bayraktar TB such as autonomous flight, autonomous taxi, autonomous parking, route tracking, cross-redundant YKI system are also included in Akıncı.

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20 meter wingspan and Carrying 1350 kilograms of useful salts capable of. 24 seconds can stay in the air and 40 bin feet can reach altitude. It flies with 2 750 HP or 2 450 HP turboprop engine configurations. Cruising speed is 130 knots with 750 HP engines, maximum speed 195 knots. Akıncı-C, which is the lighter version of Akıncı and will stay in the air for a longer time, is planned to fly with the domestic engine produced by TAI.

AKINCI TİHA, AS cruise missile It will be a great power multiplier with its ability to launch national ammunition developed for strategic goals. Domestic production to be found in the nose AESA radar Bayraktar AKINCI, who will have high situational awareness, will be carrying under the wing and developed nationally by TÜBİTAK SAGE. Gökdoğan and Bozdoğan will be able to operate with air-to-air ammunition. The aircraft, which will carry critical loads such as EO / IR camera, AESA radar, Beyond the Line of Sight (satellite) communication and electronic support systems, will also have advanced artificial intelligence features. Thanks to AESA, it can transmit images even in difficult weather conditions.

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