Mark Gatiss ve Steven Moffat created by BBC’nin Sherlock As you know, the series started in 2010 and ended in 2017. Despite the reaction of the fans towards the last seasons, all viewers are still new season in a series he has been waiting for and loved.

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Of the series fourth season finale Many viewers were upset after that, but the lead actors Benedict Cumberbatch ve Martin Freemanthey did not seem very willing. But Benedict Cumberbatch has recently hopeful made a statement.

New movie with Collider The Courier successful player interviewed for, Sherlock’s fifth season for “I never say no, but I don’t know. My and Martin’s calendar is too full, as well as the other players. But who knows? Maybe if one day. if the scenario is good why not. I specifically mention it as a script because it is a it could be a movie. But not recently. found in the description.

All episodes of Sherlock are now Netflixlocated in. Hopefully like Benedict Cumberbatch said returns again with a proper script.

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