Clubhouse, which opens the doors of a new era in social media with voice chat rooms, continues to develop. Especially in the period when the competition is getting heated, improvements are made in terms of usage experience and safety.

What are the new features of the clubhouse?

Clubhouse, which aims for a different experience by focusing only on voice chat, is still in a limited testing process, but it attracts great attention. Clubhouse invitations are among the most sought after invitations.

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On the Android side, the company continues to work on publishing the application and making it widely available by removing the invitation method, while also making updates to improve the experience.

With the latest update, there is no need to access the guide to invite people to the platform. Users will be able to add the phone number directly. On the other hand, while providing link sharing support to profiles and rooms, users can filter the rooms of their preferred language.

Again, an offer to participate in a room can come from groups as well as individuals. Abuses can be detected more quickly and kept out. Finally, a support program called Creator First has started to allow content producers to make money by developing projects. Applications will be received until March 31 for the first 20-person quota.

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