Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced the latest situation about Covid-19 vaccine studies in our country. There are many vaccine candidates in our country. It is aimed that the first domestic vaccine will be ready by the end of the year.

According to the statements of Minister Mustafa Varank, Phase 2 studies of the vaccine candidate in Kayseri are carried out and Makes 3 about to move to the stage.

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To start a manned trial of three different vaccine projects Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency to (TITCK) application was made. Vaccines are being examined by TITCK. These three vaccine candidates were prepared using inactive vaccine, adenoviral and VLP methods. Only 2 countries in the world are trying to develop vaccines with the VLP (virus-like particles) method. After the completion of Turkey’s vaccine candidate could be the first VLP vaccine in the world.

Minister Varank, the domestic coronavirus vaccine Year end Emphasizing that the completion is targeted, he said:

“As soon as TITCK approves it, we will start the human trial phase. I hope we aim to get our own local vaccine by the end of the year. This process will take a long time, there are vaccine wars in the world, no vaccines are sent to poor countries. Therefore, the vaccine we will develop here will be an important success in the fight against the epidemic that will continue for many years. we know and we are making preparations to share this with other countries. “

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