One of the most popular game series in the world is undoubtedly FIFA. Millions of people buy FIFA games released every year. However, the real profit part of the game is FIFA Ultimate Team player cards on the side. In order to get these cards, players buy various packages and leave their work to chance. For a long time, it has been discussed whether this situation is gambling or not. Recently, there has been an incident related to these cards.

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Recently an EA employee played FIFA Ultimate Team cards for thousands of dollars it turned out to be selling. After the event, on Twitter “EAGATE” It started sharing with the tag and the event grew even more. EA recently reported this situation. Confirmed.

For now, EA’s research on this event is ongoing. However, in the past hours, one or more people sells cards to players appeared there. EA, all purchased that cards will be deleted and players who bought indefinite somehow to be prevented announced.

Employees selling the card Currently, studies are continuing for. When it is found out whether the employees have done it themselves or their accounts have been compromised, it is also possible for employees, depending on the situation. legal process will begin.

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