Today, the security of personal data has become very important and smartphone manufacturers are basically trying to provide this to their customers. For customers who do not think about their budget, specially encrypted smartphones are offered for sale. However, these encrypted phones are not used in good faith.

Who is Sky Global?

This week, the bomb was on the agenda Sky Global It is alleged that the encrypted phone maker named, has helped organized crime organizations. The firm’s boss, Jean-Francois Eap, and former procurement officer Thomas Herdman are at the center of the charges.

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Is sourced from canada Sky Global company equipped with very special encryption methods since 2008 iPhone, Google Pixel, Blackberry It brings together many brands such as consumers. The connected servers of Sky Global phones, which communicate in an encrypted network, are located in France and Canada. It is estimated that these phones with high prices are sold in 70 thousand units worldwide. There is also an encrypted chat application.

Listening data detected during the US Department of Justice’s monitoring of drug trafficking in Europe; It shows that Sky Global is providing smartphones with sophisticated encryption software integrated into organized crime organizations to organize a major drug trade. The organization has managed to store its communication in the encrypted network. These drugs are distributed across countless continents such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe.

The suspects in question have set up shell companies for the illegal sale of encrypted phones. In this way, hundreds of millions of dollars of profits have been made. In addition, it is stated on the Sky Global site that money laundering using BTC is also hidden with this encrypted network.

The suspects are in custody and an indictment is being prepared against them. Prosecutor Randy Grossman points out that this important file will be intimidated by malicious cryptographic companies. In the past years, the Phantom Secure encrypted phone manufacturer has faced a similar accusation.

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