Google, which is the subject of trials over monopolization, is again on the agenda with an investigation. This time, a lawsuit was filed that the Chrome browser was also collecting user data in incognito mode.

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The method called incognito mode or incognito tab in browsers, as it is known, allows the user to surf the internet without leaving any traces behind. The browser does not save data such as cookies or site login information.

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Google Chrome websites allegedly send data using Google’s tools even when it goes incognito mode. This situation is against the logic of hiding the data specified in the contracts. Many users came together about this and sued Google.

Google appealed to the court to dismiss the case, but it was denied. Plaintiffs are asking Google for a total of $ 5 billion, which equates to around $ 5000 per user. While Google strongly denies the claims, it states that data tracking may have been done by third-party sites.

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