Standing out with its price / performance oriented mobile accessories Mcdodo Company and HardwareHaber, we present Mcdodo accessory sets to 10 people. The gift accessory set includes powrebank, charging adapter, lightning cable and 3in1 USB cable.

More information about Mcdodo products: Mcdodo Main Topic

We determine the winners of the accessory set by competition, not by chance. For this, today a small competition we are starting. Consisting of 13 letters we have a secret and meaningful group of words. This group of words guessing right the top 10 will win a set of accessories.

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Mobile accessories gifts for 20 people with the cooperation of Mcdodo and DH!

Let me get letters“I can hear you say. Hint As a letter will be shared every day. These tips are account will be included in product shares in an anonymous way. A new day means a new letter. 13 days, 13 letters … Put these letters together in the correct order and you will find our secret phrase. If you wish, you can guess without waiting for hints. It’s free to shake as much as you want. The first 10 people to know win a Mcdodo accessory set.

To participate, you must:

  1. This topic / news and the topic in the link ‘to emphasize
    Mcdodo Main Topic
  2. Subject in the link ‘add to your favorites
    Mcdodo Main Topic
  3. Finding the meaningful word group with the letters hidden in the posts between 15-31 March and writing in response to this news / topic.

Mcdodo Accessory Set includes:

Mc-5850 10000Mah Powerbank:

CH-662 Adapter and Lightning Cable:

CA-6450 3 in 1 USB Kablo:

Competition March 27 will end. Tips will be shared by March 27. The first to guess the 13-letter group of words To 10 persons accessory set will be sent.

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