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Microsoft‘a SegaIt has been talked about for a very long time, and the latest leaked information is that this acquisition will take place. In addition, the company, another Japanese giant KonamiThere is also an idea to incorporate.

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Statement from Sony to delight PlayStation 4 owners

Maybe the main news of last week ZeniMax Media and Bethesda‘s Xbox It was a successful addition to his team. Now, Microsoft’s next possible acquisition is on the agenda. Legendary like Konami and Sega Japanese companies We are talking about the takeover.

Regarding Sega, the company’s for decades It has long been associated with Microsoft and rumors of a possible takeover wandering can be said. Konamiwith popular games such as Silent Hill and Metal Gear, as well as Microsoft’s valuable assets is on the agenda.

Microsoft in Japan is far behind Sony

Microsoft’a In the japanese market its weak position is cited as a justification for the company’s possible plans. A fact that Microsoft traditionally lost to Sony in Japan. For example, in Japan in the last week of February 1.508 Xbox Series X and Of the S console besides just 10 Xbox One konsolu sold. For comparison, the Japanese in the same week 33,792 Sony PS5 and 78.134 Nintendo Switch bought consoles.

Of course Konami and SegaXbox in Japan first console brand will not be able to, but the location of Microsoft to strengthen It is an indisputable fact that they will help.

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