Microsoft’tan Xbox Game Pass Another good news came to its users today. Square Enix’s highly anticipated new game Outriderswill be available to Game Pass users on the day of release. Outriders are currently on consoles Of 499 TL has a price tag.

Coming to consoles, PC users are still in the background

On the Xbox blog According to the official letter published, Outriders is the day of departure On April 1 console will be added to Game Pass library. Android users could also play via the cloud (no xcloud in Turkey). On the PC side, unfortunately, the news is still not good. It looks like Outriders won’t be coming to PC Game Pass, at least for now.

Geors of War: Judgment and Bulletstorm Outriders game, prepared by People Can Fly, the studio behind such games, draws attention with its innovative mechanics in the science-fiction RPG co-op shooter genre. The game released last week first demo in general great appreciation had collected.

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