Has been on the agenda for a long time Parking RegulationIt was stated that the amendment that will give the final shape to the President was sent to the Presidency to be published in the Official Gazette with the signature of Murat Kurum, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization. Regulation change From 31 March planned to come into force.

Noticeable changes

With the regulation change By making changes in the application of at least 1 parking requirement for each flat, the application of parking requirement according to the size of the flat will be brought. At least 1 parking lot for every 3 flats smaller than 80 square meters, at least 1 parking lot for each 2 flats between 80-120 square meters, at least 1 parking lot for each flat between 120-180 square meters and 2 parking spaces for each flat over 180 square meters will be provided. .

Parking requirement, which is 1 for every 30 square meters in functions such as shops, stores and banks, is 1 for every 40 square meters; Parking requirement, which is 1 for every 40 square meters in office buildings, will be revised to be 1 for every 50 square meters.

The obligation to meet the parking lot in the basement of the building first will be removed, and the provision will be made that it can be met in the basement, back, side or front yard of the building or under these gardens without priority. In the backyard of the parcel, mechanical parking will be provided, provided that it does not approach the buildings more than 2 meters and does not exceed the ground floor height.

In parcels that are smaller than 120 square meters and with structures of 3 floors and above, the opportunity to obtain the parking lot from the regional parking lot was made possible upon request. In parcels smaller than 250 square meters, the number of mandatory parking lots will be reduced by 50 percent, provided that half of the parking lot needs are met in the parcel.

In new buildings with a minimum number of mandatory parking lots more than 20, at least 2 percent until January 1, 2023, and after this date 5 percent electric vehicle parking space arrangement requirement will be brought. In shopping malls and regional car parks, these rates will be 5 percent until January 1, 2023, and 10 percent from this date.

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With the agreement of the neighboring parcels and the consent of the owners, the adjacent gardens will be able to be used as a common parking lot by removing the wall in between. In this way, with the agreement of more than one parcel, the front of the intra-island parking lots will be opened.

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As an innovation that has entered the parking lot legislation for the first time, it will be possible to obtain a parking place from another building within a radius of 1000 meters, or from a commercial parking lot, if any, by putting an annotation on the title deed for structures that cannot have parking on their parcel.

With the amendment of the Parking Regulation, in cases where it is risky to descend from the foundation of the adjacent buildings to the lower level, the amount of the parking lot that cannot be met in the parcel will be paid as the parking fee, and residents will be able to benefit from the regional parking lot.

The open parking permit in the front garden, which was previously given for plots with a front garden of 8 meters and above, will also be given to parcels with a front garden over 5 meters.

Arrangements suitable for the use of the disabled will also be made in the parking lots. In houses with single independent sections such as villas, it will be possible to meet the mandatory parking lot in any garden of the parcel without any minimum distance requirement. With the regulation, the minimum width of the service road built in the closed parking lots of buildings with less than 15 parking lots will be reduced from 6.50 meters to 4.9 meters.

The amendment made in the Metropolitan Municipality Law No.5216 was detailed in the Parking Lot Regulation due to the fact that the metropolitan municipalities have not built regional parking lots although they have received parking fees so far. From now on, the district municipalities will be given the task of collecting the cost of the regional parking lot and building these parking lots. District municipalities will be obliged to build the parking lots for which they are charged, within 3 years at the latest.

The practice of collecting the entire parking lot fee at the construction license stage will be abolished, and it will be possible to pay 25 percent at the license stage and the rest in 18 months and in installments.


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