Swedish lithium-ion battery manufacturer NorthvoltFrom German automotive giant Volkswagen 14 billion dollars announced that he had received an order on it. Coming To 10 years In order to fulfill this order for the Northvolt Ett battery factory in Sweden widening will be required.

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The company also shares its stake in the joint venture Northvolt Zwei Volkswagenand will increase the automaker’s stake in Northvolt. Catlus and LG Chem Northvolt, which will compete with major Asian companies such as Europe by 2030 25 percent aims to reach market share.

Had bought Cuberg

The Swedish company is currently a key client 27 billion dollars the battery has received the order. Old in 2016 Tesla manager Founded by Peter Carlsson, Northvolt last week, a US-based battery company to reach the technology to increase the range of electric vehicles powered by their own batteries. Cuberghad bought.


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