Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil answered questions from Russia-based news agency Sputnik. Kotil, who shared information about the studies carried out by TAI and especially the National Combat Aircraft (MMU), MMU will make its first flight in 2025 told.

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Kotil, who evaluated the successful graphic of TAI, which took part in many projects from T-129 ATAK helicopters to the modernization of F-16 aircraft, also made an assessment for 2020. In a statement made in this context, Temel Kotil said, “We climbed 16 steps in the Defense New Top 100 list, which ranks the world’s top 100 defense and aerospace companies. During this period, we increased our R&D expenditures to over 40 percent, reinforcing our pioneering role in the development of new generation aircraft. Thus, we continued to develop projects for the vision of independence in our country’s defense industry.”Gave place to his words.

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First flight in 2025

Speaking by giving a date for MMU, one of the most important projects undertaken by the company, Kotil said:

On the other hand, MMU, our 5th generation fighter plane, which is eagerly awaited by the global aviation ecosystem, which is among our most important projects, will make our country jump the league in aviation and defense, will exit the hangar on March 18, 2023. MMU will make its first flight in 2025, In 2029, it will be added to the Turkish Armed Forces inventory. We predict it to enter.

Referring to the ANKA and AKSUNGUR UAVs developed by TAI, Kotil stated that the first ANKA export was made to Tunisia, and shared the information that more than 20 deliveries were made to the forces under the roof of the TSK. Kotil, owned by the Turkish Air Force For the modernization of Blok 30 F-16s if “Our engineers continue to work uninterruptedly within the scope of the work initiated for the structural improvements of F-16 Block 30 aircraft. We have increased the flight life of our Air Force F-16 aircraft from 8 thousand hours to 12 thousand hours.. ” said.

We hope that we will continue to receive much better news for the 5th Generation fighter jet project MMU, which is the biggest project of our country’s defense industry.


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