That allows us to play games by streaming GeForce Nowis one of the most used technologies of the last period. Nvidia’s service is on GeForce Now Turkcell to localize the service in cooperation and as you know in Turkey private servers opened.

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GeForce Now Global Founders membership can not be used in Turkey!

See Also. “GeForce Now has backed out: Global Founders members may not switch to Game + if they don’t want to.”

Those who have been in closed beta for the past month and have been on the agenda several times GeForce Now by Game+ now available to all users. GeForce Now by Game + is currently two different subscription options has. The first is free but you have limited access “Basic” membership. The second is that all the features are open. Premium membership and that is monthly 74,90 TL. Also currently launch-exclusive your quarterly membership 149,70 TL’ye Let’s remind that it is sold. Here you can access the GeForce Now by Game + page and more You can examine the detail.

What Happened During the Beta Process?

With the start of the beta process a free subscription It was announced that it would be the option, and the players were very happy with this situation. Then the comments for the technology also We can say that gave hope but the events of the last few weeks It angered a lot. At first prices are announced and the players reacted by finding the prices high.

A few days later Nvidia GeForce Now, without asking users Global Founders membership of members that you canceled and Transfer them to Game + told. Of course rightly this situation is big drew reaction. Meanwhile, Game + said that this decision was taken by Nvidia. A few days later in Nvidia he gave up this decision and explained that those who do not want may not switch to Game +. Details here You can find in the news.

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