Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, the reconnaissance aircraft manufactured by the USA in 1966, is known as the fastest jet aircraft to date. Designed to be used in reconnaissance and espionage activities during the cold war, and Until he retired in 1998, 32 units were produced One of the most important features of the aircraft is the J58 engine that powers the vehicle.

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The J58 engine, produced by the USA’s Pratt & Whitney and had two in the Blackbird, enabled the plane to accelerate to Mach 3 (3,540 km / h). The feature that makes the J58 unique is that the engine turns from turbojet to turbo-ramjet. (It has no compression fittings in normal Turbojet engines. The air entering the engine is directly brought together with the fuel and burned without being compressed.) was that he could pass while the plane was in the air. This provided serious performance to the aircraft. In this way, it provided 32 thousand pounds of thrust in each 58 afterburner mode. The achievement of all this in the 1950s is another matter of appreciation.

SR-72 ve Mayhem

Aware of the success of the J58, the Pentagon has decided to knock on Pratt & Whitney’s door again for next-generation platforms. In this context, the engine that the company was working on in 2017 was named Metacomet. The efficiency-focused engine, which is not yet clear to use on which platforms, aims to reach hypersonic speeds with new technologies and improved cooling systems in order to continue the success of the J58.

The question of where the engine will be used is the most curious subject. Experts think that Metacomet engines can be used in the US’s next generation unmanned high-speed strategic reconnaissance aircraft. By Lockheed Martin in 2013 Named SR-72, and the test tool version was seen in 2017. The alleged aircraft is a strong candidate for this engine.

Metacomet’in Mayhem platform of the US Air Force Research Laboratory It is stated that it can also be used for. The hypersonic Mayhem platform that can carry multiple payloads It is stated that it can also perform intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance tasks in addition to the attack mission.


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