Intel will launch its first DDR5 compatible platform at the end of this year, following the Rocket Lake processors that will be available for sale in the coming weeks.

The Chinese who bought Lexar in the past years Longsys’in DDR5 RAMs The images of the system he tested came to light. Intel’s CES 2021 ‘ DDR5 RAMs used in the developer motherboard that it sends to OEM manufacturers, memory manufacturers and various business partners. 4800 MHz’de while running CL is running at timings 40-40-40-77.

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Single Rank 16 GB and Dual Rank 32 GB capacity kits are tested together ES1 An early engineering example in its phase is the Alder Lake processor 800 MHz ‘of serving.

28% faster than DDR4

DDR5 kits based on DDR4 RAMs estimated to be the same speed according to manufacturer’s tests 28% faster in AIDA64’s reading tests was 27% ahead in the title of writing. The latency of 56.8 ns in DDR4 as a lump of the rather impressive write / read bandwidth for the same frequency 112.1 ns’ye ascended.

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Finally, before Intel will launch Alder Lake processors at the end of the year, manufacturers are still DDR5 kits also started to volume production did not announce. Some allegedly Alder Lake on motherboards DDR4 and DDR5 RAM support can be presented.

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