Developing Rockstar GamesThe online mode of GTA V, which has become one of the most popular games in the game world made by GTA Onlineloading times are being reduced.

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As those who play the game will know, GTA Online’s loading times are quite long. In fact, because of this length, various jokes have been made on this subject for years. But thanks to a GTA Online player this loading times will be shortened.

Recently t0st GTA Online player named the game’s load times. By 70% found a way to reduce it. He offered this path to Rockstar Games. Rockstar, on the other hand, has been investigating the situation for several days and finally he accepted. With the next update prepared by Rockstar Games for GTA Online, t0st’s method will be used and the waiting times of the game will be officially reduced.

The update is only for the game It will be applicable for the PC version. Rockstar Games only thanked the user who found this path first. Then to thank you $ 10,000 it was announced that they gave. It is not clear when the update will arrive.

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