As you know, among the popular culture productions, there are many character, vehicle or object is found. These kinds of things are usually made to play by the studio and saves a large amount of money. Sometimes the fans want to know what can be such a toy. does it himself. We can say that we see a lot of swords in particular. In the past days too fan-made objects A new one was added between them.

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Started on Disney Plus in 2019 Star Wars sequence The Mandalorianis a fan of the main character in the series This Djarin‘s ship He made a full-size model. In total, to build this ship More than $ 10,000 spent.

Ayaal Fedorov and his friends raised money online and Razor Crest He built the ship named exactly the same size. Because the donated money is not enough It was announced that Fedorov also sold his car. The ship is currently known as the coldest city in the world. Yakutsklocated in. Images of the ship you can find it in the gallery below.

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