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TFI Securities analyst who previously presented analysis of AirPods 3 Ming-Chi KuoFinally, he shared his analysis about AirPods Max. Apple’s premium on-ear headset, according to reports AirPods Maxwill not be able to offer any significant income to the company due to the number of sales.

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“It will not reach 1 million in 2021”

Kuo, known for its reliable analysis, in its reports AirPods He shared many of his analysis about his products. The analyst said that the third-generation AirPods, which are expected to go on sale this month, are not expected to arrive before the 3rd quarter of this year.

Sharing Apple’s analysis of the on-ear headset, Kuo has announced that all AirPods Max sales in 2021 not more than 1% waiting for it to create. Reached in 2020 90 million AirPods shipments this year To 78 million predicting that the analyst will decrease, for this reason, AirPods Max sales 1 million of them argues that it cannot pass.

Kuo, owned by AirPods Max high price tagin front of the low number of sales biggest reason sees it as. According to some leak information previously revealed, Apple plans to introduce a cheaper version of the AirPods Max with the AirPods 3. According to the leaks all plastic The cheaper version of the AirPods Max, which is expected to be approx. 150 dollars lower It will come with a price tag.

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