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Technology giant AppleAccording to the code in the fourth beta version of iOS 14.5, which it offers to developers, it plans a major policy change that allows users to download security patches separately from operating system updates.

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Separate security updates can be made

Apple currently does not allow installing the security update separately. For this reason to install security fixes install all update is required. 9to5Mac discovered by iOS 14.5’in 4. beta An innovation introduced in the version shows that this situation can change.

A new option added to the ‘Software Update’ section in Settings, without software update on iPhone and iPad. security update only makes it possible to do.

iPhone or iPad owners using one of the older versions of iOS will be able to install current security fixes on their devices with this new option. This option allows people whose device does not support new versions or who for some reason do not use the current version of iOS, for security reasons, under protection to hold on will allow.

Apple’s new feature, whether it will offer it, when it will offer it, and how it plans to implement it remains unclear. Predictions, iOS 15After the release of the new feature, security updates for iOS 14 will continue to be available.

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