British period series that started in 2013 and reached large masses especially with its first seasons and proved its success. Peaky Blinders’ın The first image from the shootings of the sixth season, which is the final season, was shared.

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The main character of the series in shared photos Tommy ShelbySuccessful player who portrayed Cillian MurphyWe see. Cillian Murphy is probably standing in the costume room. In the photos Tommy Shelby’s outfit We also see.

The scriptwriter and creator of the series Steven Knight, sixth season final season He shared that it would happen in the past weeks. Unfortunately for the sixth season, there is no detail unknown but Steven Knight it will be the best season had said.

In addition, to make the finale of the series, a motion picture was also announced in the past weeks. Unfortunately, the details about the movie are unknown. Mentioned images you can find it below.

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