Publishing and developing CD Projekt Redmade by Cyberpunk 2077, He made his debut on December 10. However, the game world has seen in recent years. of the biggest disappointments He debuted by signing one of them.

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On December 10 the game that made its debut, in terms of content much different than promised he had debuted somehow. Because of this, the players were quite angry, but still the game offered satisfactory in content even for some players. that you are good possible to say. However, one thing is certain that the game is in terms of performance. it definitely failed the classroom.

Highly equipped Even with PCs having problems, There were problems that could not be played on the old generation consoles. As you will remember, due to this bad performance of the game The game was removed from the PlayStation Store. According to the rumors in the background Sony ve CD Projekt serious discussions arose between them.

After removal of Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation Store 3 months have passed and still no explanation has been made about the game. Normally in February, the game a big patch would come out and errors would be largely corrected. However, this patch is also for CD Projekt postponed due to cyberattack. Cyberpunk 2077 in every sense It brought many firsts to the players and the game world. We will convey the developments in this regard to you as soon as possible.

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