As in every generation transition, in this generation too a new console As we slowly enter our lives, the old console is also from our lives. coming out slowly. Following the release of PlaySation 5, Some features of PlayStation 4 gradually being removed.

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PlayStation Communities, It was a feature where you could create or join various groups related to specific interests or games. However, Sony gradually started to disable the features in PlaySattion 4 in order to complete the generation transition. This feature, a few years after the release of PlayStation 4, It was published in 2015.

According to a note on PlayStation’s support page Nisan 2021’de Sony, PlaySattion 4’ün It will remove the Communities feature. However, messaging and other features PlayStation App He says that it can continue to be used over.

Sony’nin PlayStation 4’e game support will continue for a while However, it seems that over time, other features of PlayStation 4 also will be disabled. For those who are just waiting for the games, there are many PlaySation 5 game Let us mention that it will also come to PlayStation 4.

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